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This section provides a chronological list of articles and features about the Gulf Investment Fund in the national and international media.

The changes sweeping the Gulf provide opportunities for investors

When you think about the economies of the countries in the Persian Gulf, you almost automatically think of oil and energy. However, over the past few years the rulers of these various countries have made several attempts to diversify their economies (or at least to appear to). But are these countries serious about reform?

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Why the Arabian Gulf isn't just about oil: Three banks to snap up now

Nick Wilson of the Gulf Investment Fund explains why you should invest in the region.

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The well-managed Gulf Investment Fund will allow investors to sell back their shares at par value in 2020

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David Stevenson, Financial Times

Sector can still offer value — but pick your investment with care, say experts.

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Qatar deposit outflows slow in September, sanctions impact starts to fade

Foreign customers' deposits at banks in Qatar - the vast majority in the form of foreign-currency deposits - shrank by $1.7 billion in September.

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